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Latest Scitec functional food lets you make your own protein brownies

Scitec Protein Brownie

It wasn’t all that long ago that we posted about Scitec Nutrition’s new functional food release with the protein-infused muffin mix. This week we’ve got another new product to add to the brand’s growing list of functional foods in Scitec Protein Brownie.

Just like the brand’s other supplements in the category such as Protein Muffin, Protein Pancake, Protein Breakfast, and Protein Ice Cream. The new Scitec Protein Brownie is a powder product that you can use to make your very own low sugar, high protein chocolate brownies.

A full tub of Scitec Protein Brownie has enough powder for you to bake six servings, each providing 27g of protein from the complete sources whey protein and egg white. The other major macros are 36g of carbohydrates with just 2.1g of that sugar, 15g of fiber, 29g of fat, for a total of 540 calories.

Much like the recently released Protein Muffin, Scitec Protein Brownie isn’t an overly lean formula, but it should make for a great treat now and then. Fans of the brand in Europe can probably expect to see the product on shelves very soon in the one Chocolate flavor.