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Shakesphere updated to V3 as well as gets a simpler spin-off

Shakesphere V3

The innovative team behind the unique, no corner, spherical shaker Shakesphere, has introduced two new products. The first is a sequel to its previous Shakesphere 2.1 with Shakesphere V3, and the other is a simpler spin-off called Shakesphere Max.

The new and improved version of the brand’s flagship Shakesphere shaker features just a few tweaks to make the overall experience that little bit smoother. Shakesphere V3 has had two of its features updated, now with a more secure, click in place cap on the lid, and a better sliding door for its capsule compartment.

Shakesphere Max

As for the entirely new Shakesphere Max, as mentioned it is essentially a simpler version of the regular Shakesphere. The product, of course, features the brand’s innovative no corner, spherical design, as well as the same lid and powder compartment. Where it gets different from Shakesphere V3 is that it doesn’t have the sliding door capsule section and has a larger 825ml cup instead of 700.

You can now purchase both the improved Shakesphere V3 and simpler Shakesphere Max directly from the brand’s online store at They currently come in the same three colors with Black, Blue, and Pink, and are priced at £16.99 for V3 and £18.99 for the new Shakesphere Max. There are also bundles available where you get Shakesphere V3, Max, and a Shakesphere Jug for £40.

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