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Introducing ShakeSphere and its feature rich supplement shaker


ShakeSphere is one of the few very new companies exhibiting at Fitcon this weekend, with a product that is quite unique. As you could probably guess by its name, ShakeSphere is a shaker making company led by its flagship product which is also named ShakeSphere.

The brand itself is only a few months old, although it does already have a V2 version of its main product. As mentioned the ShakeSphere is quite a unique supplement shaker, being made from BPA free plastic and coming packed full of creative little features.

Firstly, the ShakeSphere has a 700ml main cup, however unlike most shakers both the cup and the lid are rounded on the inside to create a capsule shaped, easy to mix space. It is because of this shape that the brand hasn’t included any kind of mixer in the ShakeSphere, as the no corner approach is said to essentially do the mixing for you.


Moving on to the top of the ShakeSphere, the brand has gone with something a little different from your typical shaker by giving it a sliding tab. It allows you to simply slide to reveal the opening you drink from, which is leak proof thanks to the secure tab and its silicone seal.

The last part of the ShakeSphere is the bottom, where you’ll find two more interesting features. Right at the bottom is a screw on compartment for your powder supplements or anything else around that size, then in between that and the main cup is a unique storage section. The section is best described as a handful of compartments that are accessible through a sliding door that can be spun around the entire cup.

You can find out more information about the brand and its unique ShakeSphere shaker at You can of course also purchase the product there for £11.99 in a number of different colorways including black, pink, green, and silver.

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