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Staunch releases three basics, CLA, Krill and ZMA

Staunch ZMA

Calum Von Moger’s brand Staunch, has revealed and released a handful of all-new simple supplements today, all of which are fairly self-explanatory. All three of the products are priced the same at $20 per tub, although they can get as low as $16 when purchasing three of the same item.

The names of the new Staunch releases explain exactly what they are with CLA, Krill, and ZMA. CLA comes with 90 softgels, each providing a gram of safflower oil for 800mg of CLA, Krill with 30 servings, each providing a gram of krill oil for 300mg of omega-3s, then lastly is ZMA, with 30 servings of the zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 mix.

You can now grab all three of the simple Staunch supplements directly through its website at If you are interested in purchasing CLA, Krill, and ZMA, we would suggest waiting a bit as Black Friday is coming up, which the brand probably has something planned for.