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BCAA Triple Charged named after its recovery enhancing blend

TNT BCAA Triple Charged

TNT Supplements has launched its previously teased product this week, officially introducing the supplement we suspected was up next, BCAA Triple Charged. With the release has come all of the product’s details, including the reasoning behind its rather intriguing title.

Triple charged for recovery

The things that separate TNT’s new BCAA Triple Charged from its many amino competitors and the reason it’s called “Triple Charged”, is that it’s powered by a set of three leucine related, recovery enhancing features. Those main ingredients are a heavy 7g of BCAAs, 1.5g of HMB, and half a gram of HICA.

TNT BCAA Triple Charged

As great as all of those features are, that’s not where the BCAA Triple Charged’s formula ends. Alongside the BCAAs, HMB, and HICA is also a blend of electrolytes for better hydration, a handful of vitamins, two more aminos in glutamine and the pump enhancer citrulline, and lastly 75mg of AstraGin for enhanced absorption.

Launching in 3 flavors

BCAA Triple Charged is not yet available but is due to officially join the TNT Supplements family very soon. When it eventually arrives fans of the UK brand will have a total of three flavors to choose from in Cucumber Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Sour Apple, all packing the usual 30 servings per tub.