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Cass Martin isn’t playing around with her new Wrkethic supplements

Wrkethic Supps

Cass Martin’s all-new supplement company Wrkethic Supps has successfully launched on its planned release date. With the launch has also come a better look at the brand’s two products, the pre-workout Hard Work and intra-workout Break The Mold.

The one thing we’ve noticed with supplement lines from fitness celebrities, such as Cass Martin. Is that a lot of the time the products don’t turn out to be all that great compared to what else is out there. With Wrkethic Supps however, that’s not the case, as both Hard Work and Break The Mold feature some pretty interesting formulas.

Hard Work pre-workout

Wrkethic Supps’ pre-workout Hard Work features a combination of ingredients for improved performance, pumps, energy, and mental focus. The formula is packed with a handful of branded features including 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, VitaCholine, and a gram each of NO3-T citrulline nitrate and AgMass agmatine.

Wrkethic Supps Hard Work

Break The Mold intra-workout

You then have Wrkethic Supps’ intra-workout Break The Mold, which is a well put together supplement for performance and recovery. Like Hard Work, it also includes a 1.6g dose of beta-alanine as well as 5g of BCAAs, a gram of the PeakO2 performance blend, glutamine, HydroMax glycerol, and a few other features.

Wrkethic Supps Break The Mold

As you can see, Cass Martin’s Wrkethic Supps is not your typical gimmick type line of supplements. Its products feature some very interesting formulas and certainly look like they’ll be relatively effective in what they’re designed to do, although it is a shame they’re not fully transparent like most newcomers.

Available at

You can now purchase either or both of Cass Martin’s supplements from the new Wrkethic Supps website They are priced a little bit higher than most products in their respective categories with Hard Work sitting at $49.95 and Break The Mold slightly more expensive at $54.95.

The supplements both have 30 servings per tub with the pre-workout available in two flavors, Strawberry Lemonade and Twisted Citrus, and the intra-workout in just the one Pink Lemonade flavor.