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Tribeca launches its own high protein X50 Beef Jerky

X50 High Protein Beef Jerky

Over the past few of months we’ve seen the Australian supplement company Tribeca Health launch a number of creative and healthy snacks. That’s included a rebranded version of its X50 Broccoli Chips, vacuum fried Sweet Potato Chips, and now another entirely new snack style product.

Joining Tribeca’s line of on-the-go supplements this week is X50 High Protein Beef Jerky, which is exactly that, the brand’s own beef jerky. Each bag of the new release weighs in at 50g and provides 26.6/27g of protein from 100% Australian beef, just 4.6/4g of carbohydrates, 3.2/2.8g of fat, and 158/154 calories.

The reason we’ve listed two different sets of macros above is that Tribeca’s X50 High Protein Beef Jerky does vary slightly between its two flavors. The tastes it comes in are Chilli and Lightly Herbed, with the former being the one with a little less protein but a few more calories.

Tribeca’s Australian fans can already purchase the new snack through its official website at One bag will cost you $9.95 AUD ($7.61 USD), which is twice the price of its other snacks, the X50 Broccoli Chips and X50 Sweet Potato Chips.

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