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4+ Nutrition goes no sugar for its latest chocolate block

4 Plus Choco Zero

Back in September, our favorite Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition launched a delicious looking puffed rice chocolate block called Choco Fit. The brand has now dropped another chocolate block style product that’s a little nicer on sugar than Choco Fit.

The latest creation from 4+ Nutrition is called Choco Zero, which gets its name from having absolutely no sugar. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a downside to Choco Zero compared to Choco Fit, as it doesn’t have quite as much protein at just 3.7g per block.

The other important macros of 4+ Nutrition’s Choco Zero are 26g of carbohydrates, 18g of fat (11g saturated), for a total of 278 calories. As you can see, it doesn’t have an overly great nutrition profile compared to your typical protein bar. The product will, however, work nicely for anyone after a chocolate treat without any sugar.

You can now buy the brand’s new Choco Zero through its online store on its Italian website. A full 50g block will cost you €2.50 ($2.97 USD) per block with three flavors to choose from in Dark, White, and Milk Chocolate.

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