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Up Energy is back with a new flavor, packaging and pricing

Up Energy Drink

Christian Guzman has revealed today that big things are coming for his energy drink company Up Energy, initially launched just six months ago. Despite the brand currently being in a lawsuit, Guzman has been given approval by the judge for a number of new and exciting Up Energy releases.

Repackaged with a can

Firstly, despite the product’s original, thick bottle being quite a unique feature of the Up Energy Drink. Christian Guzman has decided to switch to a more traditional, stylish matte can, which brings with it a handful of benefits. Not only does it make it easier to reproduce for international availability, but it also appears to result in lowering pricing of the drink.

Blue Up Energy flavor

The second big piece of news for Up Energy is that it is getting a second flavor. Christian Guzman has put together an all-new blue version described as a sweet sounding glacier frost berry recipe and is best compared to Monster Energy’s zero calorie Ultra Blue energy drink.

Up Energy Drink

New pricing and shipping

Both the updated can and blue flavor of Up Energy Drink are expected to launch this coming Saturday at exactly 12PM. They’ll be made available directly through which is where the brand’s new and much nicer pricing comes in.

Moving forward a full case of 12 Up Energy Drinks will still cost you $29.99; however, that now comes with free shipping. There is going to be a two case pack available as well for $49.99, also with free shipping, working out to an even better $25 per case or $2.08 per can.