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Redcon1’s greens formula will officially be titled GI Juice

GI Juice

Earlier this month Redcon1 confirmed the coming of an entirely new supplement, originally called Bug Juice. That product is going to be the top quality brand’s greens and digestive enzyme formula which is still coming soon.

The reason we’re bringing up the new Redcon1 supplement today is that we’ve now got a better look at it, and there has been a slight change made to it. Firstly, Bug Juice is no longer going to be the name of the product as the brand has instead decided to go with the title, GI Juice.

The other details we have for you aren’t as major as the name change, but still worth sharing. They are in regards to the form and size of GI Juice as we can confirm that it will be a flavored supplement with a total of 30 servings of greens and enzymes, each weighing in at hefty 15g.

We are unfortunately still short on information regarding when Redcon1 fans will be able to get their hands on GI Juice. All we can say is that it’s due to launch sometime very soon.