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Tim Muriello’s Chill And Grow will be unlike any post-workout

Chill and Grow

Tim Muriello’s line of supplements certainly stands out on the shelf with its bright and colorful, psychedelic branding. Very soon, something else is going to make the brand stand out, as it has confirmed a new product that is unlike anything we’ve ever heard of before.

The name of the supplement is Chill And Grow, which is a post-workout featuring time released leucine, CBD oil, and no doubt a few other ingredients. The combination promises to help restore glycogen after your workout, diffuse stress and anxiety, and support recovery and repair.

While the mix of leucine and CBD oil, as well as whatever else is in Chill And Grow, may not sound all that unique, that’s not the main point of difference with it. Where things get truly unique with the product is that instead of being a powder or pill formula, Chill And Grow comes in jelly-filled gummy frogs.

Tim Muriello plans on launching his very different post-workout supplement Chill And Grow in about two weeks’ time. That puts the product out and available sometime between the end of the month and the start of next year.