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Fast-growing Bull Nutrition is getting ready to roll out a peri-workout to complement 12 Strong

Bull Nutrition Post Workout

The up-and-coming Canadian supplement company Bull Nutrition, which debuted with the packed-out pre-workout 12 Strong, is getting ready to reveal and release its second-ever product, and it’ll be the ideal partner to its original offering. The name has not been confirmed, but for the time being, we’re referring to it as Bull Post, as it will indeed be Bull Nutrition’s take on the genuinely traditional sports nutrition category of post-workout, although it is going to have some features that have it doubling as an intra-workout.

Bull Nutrition’s upcoming Bull Post will feature a solid dose of carbohydrates by way of the premium and high-quality Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin for fuel and performance. It won’t have any protein like some other post-workouts, and that is where the ability to use it as an intra-workout comes into play. You can sip it throughout your training to make quick use of that performance support or throw it down post-workout, without or without a source of protein, to improve recovery and support muscle building.

Alongside the Cluster Dextrin-powered carbohydrates, Bull Post is going to have a variety of amino acids to further help with muscle recovery, the leucine metabolite HMB, arginine, and a selection of essential electrolytes, including the common source of coconut water, to drive hydration and performance, another intra-workout type benefit. Bull Nutrition showed it knows how to formulate a well-rounded supplement in 12 Strong, bringing together 12 reliable ingredients and dosages, and it sounds as though Bull Post will be doing similar.

As with any new entry into the world of sports nutrition, we greatly look forward to the complete reveal and release of Bull Nutrition’s Bull Post, which is happening in the coming months. The growing newcomer will be one of the many carefully selected supplement companies in the Stack3d Pavilion at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, and there is apparently a possibility Bull Post will be available to sample at its booth.