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EAA Sleep coming soon with a mix of recovery and nighttime ingredients

EAA Sleep

Back in October we got the chance to find out what all the hype was about with Primeval Labs’ reputable amino competitor EAA Max. The product turned out to be an incredibly well flavored supplement, that doesn’t taste like any other amino on the market.

Primeval Labs fans will know that EAA Max isn’t the only amino in the brand’s lineup, as it also has the energy infused spin-off, EAA Max Energy. We can now confirm that sometime soon Primeval is launching yet another spin-off of sorts of EAA Max with a sleep infused amino formula called EAA Sleep.

As you could probably guess by the name of the upcoming Primeval product, EAA Sleep is the combination of a sleep aid and recovery enhancing aminos. Today’s news of EAA Sleep has come with a preview of the supplement itself, which confirms at least three features from its formula with a gram of GABA, 200mg of theanine, and a blend of EAAs.

Primeval Labs is aiming to have EAA Sleep out and available sometime next week through its own online store at It is due to arrive in at least two tastes with Tropical Lemonade and Strawberry Mango, both of which are said to be just as delicious as EAA Max’s unforgettable flavors.