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Freaker gets a new dark chocolate coating with 2 of its 4 new flavors

Freaker Protein Bar

A few months ago the Italian supplement company Yamamoto Nutrition released its first edible product with the protein bar Freaker. That product was also one of the few it decided to bring to its American debut at this year’s Olympia Expo in Las Vegas.

When Yamamoto’s Feaker protein bar initially launched it had five relatively unique flavors on its menu. That list included three milk chocolate coated recipes in Coconut, Biscuit, and Chocolate, and two white chocolate coated in Strawberry and Almonds.

Just over half a year later Yamamoto has added four more options to its Freaker menu, two being white chocolate recipes and two with a new dark chocolate coating. The additions are white chocolate Meringue and Caffe Latte, and dark chocolate Tiramisu and Sacher, which is a type of dense chocolate cake found in Europe.

Yamamoto Nutrition’s new Freaker flavors do all feature a similar mix of macros to the original options with around 15g of protein for 200 calories. Fans of the Italian brand can already get their hands on any of the four releases through its website at