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Yamamoto Nutrition unveils Freaker, its first edible supplement

freaker protein bar

Yamamoto Nutrition has unveiled an all-new supplement today called Freaker, that despite it sounding like a gainer or something, it’s actually a protein bar. While we haven’t followed the Italian brand for that long, we’re fairly sure the product is Yamamoto’s first ever edible effort.

The new Yamamoto Freaker protein bar is a high protein snack promoted as having no palm oil, collagen, or soy protein. Each bar packs 15g of protein with milk protein as the primary source, a relatively high 19g of carbohydrates with 17g of that sugar, 3g of fiber, 7.5g of fat, for a total of 201 calories.

Like a lot of European companies, Yamamoto has got a bit creative with its Freaker protein bar menu, putting together five different options. You have the milk chocolate coated flavors Coconut, Biscuit, and Chocolate, and the two white chocolate coated recipes Strawberry and Almonds.

Freaker has yet to be made available through Yamamoto Nutrition’s official website, although it is listed in preparation for its arrival with exact macros for each of its flavors.

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