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Transform any whey protein into a frozen protein dessert


If you’re a fan of protein treats and snacks you might want to check out FREEZINda and its very unique transformation product. The brand makes a powder and liquid formula that you simply mix together with your favorite whey protein powder and it’ll turn it into a frozen dessert.

Protein into protein dessert

The way it works is you buy FREEZINda in packets containing two sachets, one liquid and one powder. You then take those packets and mix them into a freezer safe container with enough whey protein powder to provide around 50g of protein, along with a cup of water or milk.


Once you’ve got all of the ingredients together you stir them around for about a minute or if your container has a lid, you can shake them together. After that, place your container into the freezer, give it 14 hours to work its magic, then take it out and you’ll have your own frozen protein dessert.

50 calories per FREEZINda kit

As you’d imagine the deliciousness of FREEZINda doesn’t come without a little bit of extra nutrition. Each of the brand’s liquid and powder kits comes with 18g of carbohydrates, 16g of those sugar alcohols and a gram sugar, with a total of 50 calories.


Those numbers are of course all on top of whatever you get from two scoops of your preferred whey protein powder. You’re essentially trading 50 calories to have your protein as a frozen dessert, which isn’t all that bad, in fact, the calories and protein work out to be better than a lot of protein bars.

Where to buy FREEZINda

Lastly, we come to how you can get your hands on the unique FREEZINda system. As mentioned, the product is available in kits of liquid and powder sachets. Those kits can only be purchased in sets of five for $14.95 from, so $3 per protein dessert, or if you’re happy to go with just 25g of protein you could half the servings for $1.50 per dessert.

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