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BIOS3 approved Intracell 7 now featuring EAAs and Glycerpump

Intracell 7

Back in September Primeval Labs gave us a first look at its all-new branding with an image of an updated tub of Intracell 7. For some time now that supplement has in fact been on pre-order through Primeval’s website, something the brand has just passed on an explanation for.

It turns out a new look isn’t all Primeval Labs has given its packed out BIOS3 approved intra-workout. Intracell 7 has had a few changes made to its formula as well, with the product now featuring a gram of the more stable Glycerpump glycerol also found in Mega Pre, and a blend of BCAAs and EAAs as opposed to just BCAAs.

According to Primeval Labs its new and improved Intracell 7 is going to be out and available sometime this week. You can check out the brands website for more information which is also where you can pre-order the supplement, although it does list different arrival dates for different flavors.