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Jim Stoppani previews his official version of Mass Jym

Mass Jym

Before Jim Stoppani re-partnered with, the online retailer launched an entirely new Jym supplement with Mass Jym. While that product has the Jym name and is still available through, according to Stoppani it is not his official mass gainer.

For those that have been waiting for a version of Mass Jym from Jim Stoppani himself, it looks like that is finally about to happen. Stoppani has shared a preview of a 2.0 branded Mass Jym that features the words “The only mass gainer formulated and used by Dr. Jim Stoppani”.

Based on the upcoming Mass Jym preview, it looks like we’ll be getting a similar mix of macros to the Mass Jym launched at with 30g of protein, 30-31g of carbohydrates, and between 270 to 280 calories. What we don’t know is what kind of ingredients the new Mass Jym will feature, which is where we suspect the gainer will differ from’s.

Regarding when Jim Stoppani’s official Mass Jym will be dropping, that’s something we don’t have any details on just yet. All that’s been said is that it’s coming soon with at least two flavors confirmed in a 30 serving Tahitian Vanilla Bean and a unique 31 serving Apple Fritter.