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Almost completely carb free MRE Lite coming next month

MRE Lite

In the coming months, Redcon1 plans on expanding its unique meal replacement supplement MRE into a full family of products. The brand recently confirmed that expansion would include an edible bar version of MRE that like the original powder, would feature whole food ingredients.

This week Redcon1 has revealed what else its MRE expansion is going to involve and it does sound quite interesting. Also coming soon from the brand on top of its MRE bar is another powder version of MRE called MRE Lite.

Redcon1 describes the upcoming spin-off as essentially an MRE without the carbohydrates. Instead of packing 75g of carbs per serving, MRE Lite will have just 4.5g alongside the regular version’s unique protein blend of beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice, and pea protein.

The lowering of the carbohydrates will put MRE on par with a regular protein powder macro wise, although a very unique protein thanks to its variety of sources. According to Redcon1 its almost no carbohydrate MRE Lite, will be launching in January, putting it between three to seven weeks away.