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Another new ProSupps protein teased with a little more hype

ProSupps Protein

ProSupps has started teasing an all-new supplement that based on the information we have, is going to be quite an interesting one. The mystery product the brand believes is well worth hyping is a protein powder, which is something ProSupps does already have a lot of.

What we can confirm is that the supplement is not any of the brand’s upcoming proteins we’ve recently posted about. For those that haven’t been following, ProSupps has put together two entirely new proteins with ISO-P3 and PS Casein, and reformulated two of its current competitors in PS Whey and Incredibulk.

PS Casein

Based off of all of that, it does leave us wondering what ProSupps has in store for everyone. Our only guess is that it’s something along the lines of a gourmet flavored product. Possibly separating itself from the brand’s other proteins by having a familiar formula, but maybe a not so lean nutrition profile in favor of a sweeter taste.

For now, all we can really do is guess, although knowing ProSupps the product will be worth the wait. The brand has been on a bit of a streak lately following up last year’s release of the delicious MyBar with MyCookie, and very soon its TeaCrine infused energy drink, Hyde Power Potion.