PS Casein coming soon and using only premium micellar casein

PS Casein

It was recently confirmed that ProSupps is essentially overhauling its line of protein powder competitors, starting with the relaunch of its whey powered PS Whey. In the middle of that overhaul is an entirely new protein supplement from the brand called PS Casein, which today we have a much closer look at.

Staying true to its name, ProSupps’ upcoming PS Casein relies on only slow digesting casein protein. It packs 24g of protein per serving, all coming from premium micellar casein, with no added creamers, sugars, or other casein sources, and just a minimal amount of fat.

Unlike the recently re-released PS Whey, PS Casein is due to arrive in just the one Chocolate Milkshake flavor and just the one 62 serving, 4lb tub size. The entirely new ProSupps protein is also banned substance tested, featuring the official Informed-Choice tick.