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iSatori may be getting ready to release a new Lipo-Drex

Lipo-Drex Maximum Strength

iSatori has released a preview image for its upcoming appearance at the LA Fit Expo and it looks like the brand might have something new on the way. Right at the back of the image is iSatori’s stimulant fat burner Lipo-Drex; however, it does look very different to the current version.

Initially the Lipo-Drex pictured looks like it’s just been rebranded to match iSatori’s other red themed supplements. On closer inspection though, you can see that it has the words “Maximum Strength” along the top, which aren’t on the original Lipo-Drex.

The previewed fat burner also has the numbers 30 and 60 on it, hinting at 60 capsules per box for 30 servings. That is of course very different from the current version of Lipo-Drex with 45 capsules and 54 in the 20% extra bonus size.

Based on the little details we can make out, it certainly looks like an updated Lipo-Drex is on the way, or at the very least, a version different in some way from what’s on iSatori’s site at the moment.

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