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Amnes1a goes with a unique combination of nighttime ingredients


In typical Olympus Labs fashion, following our first look at the brand’s upcoming sleep formula Amnes1a from late last month. This week we have the complete unveiling of the supplement confirming everything it’s designed to do as well as what all of its ingredients and doses are.

For a good night’s sleep

Like all good sleep products, Olympus Labs Amnes1a is designed to ensure you get the most out the crucial nighttime recovery window. It features a completely natural formula to help put you to sleep and increase your quality of sleep.

Unique natural formula

It may also come as no surprise that the combination of ingredients in Amnes1a is far from your typical sleep aid formula. Olympus Labs has brought together quite a unique mix for its first nighttime supplement, most notably leaving out the common sleep ingredients GABA and phenibut.


Each serving of Olympus Labs Amnes1a packs half a gram of saccharomyces cerevisiae, 450mg of valerian root, and 300mg each of melissa officinalis (lemon balm), dioscorea pseudojaponica, and passionflower. Then rounding out the product are a few more familiar features with 100mg of theanine, 25mg of KannaEase sceletium tortuosum, and 3mg of melatonin.

Launching before 2018

Olympus Labs will be officially launching its unique nighttime competitor before the end of the year. With less than three weeks left in 2017, that would mean Amnes1a should be out and available very soon so if you’re a fan of the brand be sure to stay tuned.