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BlenderBottle’s extra special Christmas edition shaker is here

Pine BlenderBottle

As per its recent preview, BlenderBottle has officially released its limited edition Color Of The Month shaker for December. Just like last year, the shaker is extra special due to it being released for the holiday season.

For those that missed our post on BlenderBottle’s Christmas edition preview, the brand’s latest Color Of The Month shaker is called Pine. It features a white bottle and lid, a brown cap, and green print, although none of that is what makes it special.

Pine BlenderBottle

Where the Pine BlenderBottle separates itself from all of the brand’s other shakers is that it comes with a free shaker sleeve. That sleeve is, of course, themed around the holiday season being a knitted green and white piece, covered in Christmas patterns.

As always, you can get BlenderBottle’s latest Color Of The Month shaker through its official website at Also despite coming with a unique knitted, shaker sleeve, the price of the product is the same as usual at $9.99 each.

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