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Intracell 7 now featuring a complete blend of essential amino acids

Intracell 7

Earlier this month Primeval labs announced that it has put together a new version of its BIOS3 Approved supplement Intracell 7. The product was said to have been updated with the more stable form of glycerol Glycerpump, as well as a mix of essential amino acids.

Primeval Labs’ reformulated Intracell 7 is now available, or at least in one flavor it is, with Pineapple Mango, leaving Blue Razz and Watermelon still to come. As well as the availability of the new supplement, the official relaunch of Intracell 7 has also brought with it exact details of the updated formula.

Intracell 7

There are actually quite a few changes to Intracell 7 ingredients wise, which are all well worth noting, especially for fans of the Primeval Labs’ product. The features that have been carried over from the original are the carbohydrate Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin now at 10g per two-scoop serving, the pump builder glycerol in the form of Glycerpump glycerol at a gram, and taurine remaining at 2g.

As for the other half of the Intracell 7 formula, Primeval Labs has thrown in 10g of Palatinose as an additional carb source and a gram of the pump enhancer agmatine. The one last feature is a blend of recovery enhancing aminos, seeing Intracell 7 switch from 4g of BCAAs to a 4.82g blend of all nine essential amino acids.

As mentioned Primeval Labs’ updated Intracell 7 is now out and available, with the first place stocking the supplement being the brand’s website. You can currently get in just the one 20 serving, Pineapple Mango flavor for $59.95, with the other flavors due to arrive on the first day of the new year.