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Promera unveils its inflammation eliminator Alpha Recovery Plus

Alpha Recovery Plus

A day out from the LA Fit Expo, where Promera Sports will be debuting its latest innovation. The brand behind Con-Cret creatine has officially unveiled its new supplement, introducing the recovery enhancing formula, Alpha Recovery Plus.

The big mystery throughout Promera Sports’ entire hype of its all-new Alpha Recovery Plus, has been what makes the product so special? We can now confirm why the brand is making so much noise about it, as there is a bit more to it than just being a recovery supplement.

Promera Sports Alpha Recovery Plus is the combination of glutamine HCl and a patented ingredient called Alpha-GEE, which is a special compound formed by three amino acids. Altogether the formula is said to help eliminate exercise-induced inflammation, resulting in faster recovery and giving you more time to train harder.

As mentioned above, Alpha Recovery Plus will be debuted at this weekend’s Fit Expo in LA. The brand is only going to have a limited supply at the event for visitors to purchase, with a much larger batch due to be available to everyone else later this month.