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Soul Performance builds Nova Immune Renewal around premium ColostrumOne

Soul Performance Nutrition Releases Nova Immune Renewal

Soul Performance Nutrition has become an extremely well-respected supplement company, rolling out some genuinely well-put-together products that, most importantly, don’t necessarily follow any trends; it essentially goes where it goes. This strategy is immediately reflected in its selection of supplements, which started with a premium hydration formula, still one of our favorites in the category, more recently it dropped the standalone PeptiStrong Nexus Peptide Complex, and this week we’ve got Nova Immune Renewal.

Details first surfaced on Nova Immune Renewal a couple of months ago, and now you can finally get your hands on it directly through Soul Performance Nutrition’s online store at $44.99 for a bottle of 30 servings. The product itself centers around two key ingredients, one of them being the main driving force behind one of our all-time favorite muscle recovery supplements, Ambrosia’s Overtraining Solution, although in Nova Immune Renewal, you get a much higher standardization of the core component.

Soul Performance Nutrition Nova Immune Renewal Label

The primary ingredient in Soul Performance Nutrition’s Nova Immune Renewal is ColostrumOne bioactive colostrum, offering up a heightened 30% immunoglobulin g. The brand has packed a gram of the premium feature in each of its four capsule servings and paired it with 300mg of lactoferrin. The two components combine to improve gut and digestive health, support your immune system for optimal performance, and enhance recovery, repair, and rejuvenate muscle thanks to the ColostrumOne colostrum.

As mentioned, we’ve had great success with colostrum supplements, so much so that they’re still a go-to for us, and now, with Soul Performance Nutrition in the ring by way of Nova Immune Renewal, we’ll be switching things up the next go around and see how it runs. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with everything from the brand, and the price isn’t too bad through, at $44.99 for a month’s supply, with free shipping at $50, so stack it with something and you can skip that cost.