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Amino PM remains the king of recovery two years later

Amino PM

Coming up two years ago, Muscle Elements launched its nighttime recovery powerhouse Amino PM. To celebrate that upcoming two year birthday we thought we’d take some time this week to re-highlight the product which to this day, still stands as our favorite recovery supplement on the market.

We get asked questions like what is your favorite pre-workout, recovery product, and fat burner quite frequently. While our list of top pre-workouts and fat burners does change often, since the launch of Amino PM, the Muscle Elements supplement has remained the clear king of recovery.

Amino PM

Over the two years that it’s been available we have used and compared Amino PM to some of the newcomers to the market, but unfortunately none have come close. The product’s combination of deep sleep, a nice and easy knockout, refreshing wake up, and actual recovery, appears to be just too complete and competitive to beat.

Muscle Elements Amino PM is still competitively priced at $41.99 through retailers likes of A1 Supplements. That price is for a full 40 serving tub, which will last you 20 good night’s sleep when using its powerful two serving maximum, although you won’t be disappointed with a single serving that will also make it last twice as long.