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Campus Protein gets Hyde Power Potion in two more flavors

Hyde Power Potion

Last week ProSupps’ long awaited energy drink, Hyde Power Potion, showed up at its first major supplement retailer. It was A1 Supplements that appeared with stock of the TeaCrine and BCAA infused RTD, although with only the one Cherry Cola flavor available.

This week another major store has shown up with stock of Hyde Power Potion and with two extra flavors. Campus Protein is the latest retailer listing the ProSupps energy drink and instead of just having Cherry Cola, it has Cherry Cola, Island Punch, and Purple Mist.

The only Hyde Power Potion flavors that have now yet to show up are the yellow branded Pineapple Cooler and the white themed Winter Blast. It is also worth mentioning that Campus Protein’s price on the energy drink is significantly cheaper than A1’s at $24.99 for 16 cans, which is $1.56 per can.