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Highly anticipated and loaded Mega Arez formula revealed

Mega Arez

NTel Nutra has released another lot of information for its exciting pre-workout supplement Mega Arez, that’s due to release sometime very soon. The details we have this time around essentially fill in the gaps of everything we were previously missing.

What is Mega Arez

The main idea behind the new NTel Nutra product is that it’s intended to be the combination of the brand’s two hit pre-workouts Arez Black and Arez White. It’s sort of the best of both worlds and is expected to deliver an incredible pre-workout experience.

The information we have to share with you today involves the effects promoted for Mega Arez as well as the majority of its ingredients. Regarding effects, NTel Nutra promises godlike energy from the pre-workout as well as mood enhancement, muscle pumps, no crash, and a unique mind to muscle connection.

Transparent ingredients

Moving on to the ingredients in Mega Arez, as you’d expect the list is very long. In our last post on the supplement, we confirmed six ingredients with 300mg of lotus leaf extract (10:1), 200mg of beta-phenylethylamine, 300mg of caffeine, 100mg of alpha-GPC, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 4.3g of pure citrulline.

Mega Arez

We now have nine more Mega Arez ingredients to confirm including a gram of betaine, 5mg of grains of paradise, which is more typically found in fat burners. 225mcg of alpha yohimbe, 200mg of skullcap, 100mg of rhodiola, 20mg of hordenine, 185mg of l-dopa, 100mcg of huperzine A, 50mg of n-methyl tyramine.

Availability and flavors

As you can see and just as we suspected, Mega Arez features a loaded formula that certainly suggests it will come through on all of its promises. The highly anticipated product is due to arrive within the next week, so if you’re interested in trying a new pre-workout this one looks like it’ll be worth saving your money for.

Also for those wanting to know the options they’re going to have when Mega Arez arrives. NTel Nutra will be launching the supplement in four, 25 serving flavors with Sets On The Beach, Baja Blue Wave, Rainbow Sherbert, and the Suppz exclusive Bomb Sick‚Äôll.