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Core ZZZ reformulated to be more effective and taste better

Core ZZZ

Core Nutritionals has relaunched the all-new version of Core ZZZ it promised last week, alongside its also new Salted Caramel Core ISO. With the relaunch has come details on the brand’s updated nighttime formula, which features just a handful of tweaks.

The overall goal of the reformulation according to Core Nutritionals, was to make Core ZZZ less clumpy, taste better, and best of all, be more effective. In order to achieve that, the brand has removed valerian root from the supplement, as well as the classic sleep ingredient, melatonin.

Core ZZZ

Core Nutritionals hasn’t of course just removed features from Core ZZZ, as it has also added an entirely new ingredient to the mix. In place of the half a gram of valerian root and 5mg melatonin is phenibut, dosed at a gram per serving.

The all-new Core ZZZ is now in stock at for $39.99 per 20 serving tub, and there is a deal available as well. The deal, however, is a rather large one, where you get Core ZZZ, the new Salted Caramel Core ISO, and Core Test for $120, which is a massive saving of $37.