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Mars adds a sleep-supporting flavor to its Athena Series of functional protein powders

Mars Athena Strawberry Protein Powder For Sleep

Polish supplement giant OstroVit puts 12 key ingredients into its category-named Sleep Aid

Ostrovit Sleep Aid

Relentless Apollo’s Hegemony rolls together nine ingredients to help you get a better night’s sleep

Apollos Hegemony Sweet Dreams

Campus Protein is taking on the sleep category in its house brand’s next product

Campus Protein Cp Sleep

Long-running Animal PM reformulated with melatonin and the reliable Zylaria

Animal Pm 2

Melatonin-free sleep aid in the works and looking likely to launch soon at Ekkovision

Ekkovision Sleep Supplement

Kodiak’s reliable sleep aid returns under Muscle Sport and with the same formula

Muscle Sport Coma

Soul Performance continues its strong formulation reputation into beauty

Soul Performance Nutrition Bliss Revitalize Collagen

GN Labs tweaks its nighttime supplement and relaunches it as Sleeper Redux

Gn Labs Sleeper Redux

Switch unveils its collagen competitor and as you’d expect it’s not straightforward

Switch Nutrition Collagen Switch