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Rebranded Creakong maintains its creatine formula

New Creakong

Just yesterday we shared details on an all-new version of Mutant’s internationally known mass gainer, Mutant Mass. Not only did the supplement get a new formula, but it was also given a new look quite a bit different what the brand previously had.

Today another one of Mutant’s products has surfaced with a new look, although unlike Mutant Mass its formula appears to be unchanged. The supplement is the brand’s creatine competitor Creakong, which still features a 4g blend of Creapure creatine monohydrate, creatine magnesium chelate, and tri-creatine citrate.

Mutant’s muscle and strength building Creakong also comes with the same amount of unflavored servings per tub as the previous version, with 75. A couple of the places already listing the updated creatine are and the European retailer Gym Nordic who is currently throwing it in free with the new Mutant Mass.