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Muscletech unveils a naturally flavored Nitro-Tech

Nitro-Tech Naturally Flavored

Yesterday we shared details on two entirely new supplements Muscletech unveiled at this week’s, new year’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. Both products are a part of the brand’s new 100% Keto Series, however, that’s not all the brand has brought to our fourth online expo.

Alongside its two ketogenic formulas, Muscletech has also introduced another addition to its flagship family of Nitro-Tech protein powders. The latest from the brand is Nitro-Tech Naturally Flavored, which is exactly that, a version of Nitro-Tech without any artificial colors or flavors.

Muscletech has naturally sweetened the new Nitro-Tech with stevia and monk fruit, and kept everything else the same as the regular version. Nitro-Tech Naturally Flavored still relies on a blend of whey peptides, isolate, and concentrate, and also still features an extra digestive enzyme blend.

Nitro-Tech Naturally Flavored is due to release in the coming months in the one 4lb, 41 serving tub size, with two traditional tastes on its menu in Chocolate and Vanilla.