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Orange Brainwash is available just days after its unveiling

Orange Brainwash

After being unveiled just a few days ago, Controlled Labs’ all-new energy, focus, and mood enhancing supplement has arrived. The name of the brand’s latest product is Orange Brainwash, which thanks to its full release this week, we now have all of the details for.

Transparent formula

When it comes to the ingredients behind Controlled Labs’ Orange Brainwash, they are exactly what we confirmed them to be last week. Based off of the brand’s initial preview of the nootropic supplement, we were able to name all 11 of its features. The only issue with that confirmation was that we didn’t know the doses of any of the ingredients.

You can check out the official label of Orange Brainwash below, which due to its transparency, you can see what the doses are for each of the product’s ingredients. The label includes highlights such as 100mg of SerinAid (50% phosphatidylserine), a nice and easy 150mg of caffeine, 600mg of alpha-GPC (50%), and half a gram of lion’s mane.

Orange Brainwash

Complete nootropic experience

The full formula behind Controlled Labs new nootropic supplement does promote a lengthy list of benefits beyond the more common effects of energy, focus, and mood enhancement. Orange Brainwash also promises enhanced reaction time, a long-lasting and crashless energy and focus based experience, as well as fast absorption.

Now available direct

As mentioned, Controlled Labs’ Orange Brainwash is now available, although if you prefer to save money, you may want to wait on this one. Currently, the only place we can see the product available is the brand’s own website which has a price of $59.99 for a full 20 serving tub.

Typically Controlled Labs’ online store sells its supplements a bit more expensive than its retailers, so if you want a better price, it’d be best to wait. If you’d rather be one of the first to try Orange Brainwash, head to where it is now in stock with three flavors to choose from in Lemon Frost, Fruit Splash, and Sour Apple Rush.