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Latest Performix ISO hoping to improve recovery without BCAAs

Performix ISO Recovery

Since its release, Performix has put together a number of spin-offs of its great tasting amino recovery supplement ISO 9:2:2. That list of spin-offs includes the energized ISO 9:2:2 V2X, the fat burning infused ISO SYM, and even an RTD version.


Another ISO product has now been introduced officially named Performix ISO Recovery. That product is a more recovery-focused version; however, unlike all of the brand’s other ISO named supplements, the new ISO Recovery doesn’t actually use BCAAs which is the main feature of the original ISO 9:2:2.

Unique benefits

The latest ISO spin-off promises to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, improve hydration and replenishment, and support joint discomfort and post-workout inflammation. It’s a combination of effects very different from any of the other ISOs, although still entirely focused on helping out with recovery.

Performix ISO Recovery


The mix of ingredients in Performix ISO Recovery is where the product really sets itself apart. The supplement is made up of five main features with electrolytes for hydration, 5g of glutamine, a gram of taurine, 1.5g of the strength ingredient betaine, and a 756mg recovery blend of VitaCherry tart cherry, coconut powder, CurcuWIN turmeric, and rhodiola.

Flavors and size

Performix ISO Recovery is due to become available at the major retailer GNC very soon and will be available in the one 30 serving tub size. As for flavors, the product will have two fruity recipes to choose from in Lemon Lime and Tropical Strawberry.