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Psychotic Gold swaps creatine for pumps with citrulline and agmatine

Psychotic Gold

Insane Labz has completely unveiled its latest pre-workout supplement today, the Psychotic sequel named Psychotic Gold. The brand has certainly been building a good amount of hype for this one, and describes its newest product as everything the original Psychotic is and more.

Overall Psychotic Gold promises a rather complete pre-workout experience including effects such as increased energy, focus, and pumps. It sounds very similar to the regular Psychotic, so it’s really no surprise that the ingredients in the new pre-workout are also quite similar.

Psychotic similarities

Based on the name, we were expecting a number of differences formula wise in Psychotic Gold compared to Psychotic. It turns out the two pre-workouts actually have a fair bit in common, with one of the most surprising details being that Gold has the same size serving as the Insane Labz original at 5.8g.

The ingredients making up that serving size is also where we see a few things the same from Psychotic to Psychotic Gold. In total there are nine features to the new pre-workout’s formula with more than half of that nine being from the regular Psychotic.

Psychotic Gold

Non-transparent formula

You can see the full list of ingredients for Psychotic Gold in its official label above. In our opinion, there is just the one significant change for the gold pre-workout, and that is that it doesn’t feature creatine. In its place are the pump enhancers citrulline malate and agmatine sulfate, although like with some of Insane Labz other supplements, the dosing on this one is interesting.

All nine of the ingredients in Psychotic Gold are in a non-transparent blend, meaning we don’t know what any of their exact doses are. Those ingredients weigh in at a combined 4.234g per serving, which is where things get interesting. In the pre-workouts we’ve tried that have proven to be quite effective, citrulline malate alone is dosed at around 6g per serving, whereas Psychotic Gold’s nine ingredients don’t even weigh that combined.

Pre-order for February

If you’d like to give Insane Labz Psychotic Gold a try, it can now be pre-ordered for a February 1st release through the brand’s website. There is actually a special bundle available at the moment where you can get the new pre-workout, Insane Labz pump formula Insane Veinz, and a shaker all for $59.95.