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Christian Guzman’s Red Up Energy Drink is now available

Red Up Energy Drink

After only just releasing an image of the new option four weeks ago near the end of 2017. Christian Guzman’s Up Energy has officially launched the third flavor for its Up Energy Drink which comes in a bright red can.

We did take a moment to reach out to Up Energy to see if we could get clarification on what the actual flavor of the new Red Up Energy Drink is. The brand came back saying that it can’t really put a finger on it, and that it’s simply a different kind of flavor.

For those interested in grabbing a case of the all-new Red Up Energy Drink, it is in stock now and available from The product does of course still have its revamped pricing from last month, where you get cases of 12 cans for $30 or two for $50, both with free shipping.

It is also worth mentioning the referral program Up Energy introduced in December where you simply enter a coupon code and get $5 discount. You can check out the one we made here, which will discount the energy drink to as low as $1.90 per can when buying two cases in any flavor.