USN downsizes its Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar from 100g to 65

Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar

The UK side of the international brand USN has decided it’s time to update and relaunch its Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar. According to USN, the new version of the protein bar is much improved, being tastier and more functional.


Looking at the label on the UK brand’s website, it seems most of the ingredients in the new Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar are the same as its predecessor. It’s still powered by a wide variety of protein sources including soy isolate, whey concentrate, milk isolate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumen.

Nutrition profile

Where things have changed the most for the USN protein bar is with its nutrition profile. The brand has simply downsized the product, taking it from an overall weight of 100g to a more traditional size, tipping the scales at 65g.

The macros of USN’s new and improved Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar start with 20g of protein, followed by 30g of carbohydrates with 18g of that sugar, 2.8g of fiber, and 4g of fat (2.6g saturated). Its calorie count is 231, meaning it has around 40% fewer calories than the previous version but also about 40% less protein.

Available in the UK

The 2018 Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bar is now available in two flavors, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter. You can pick it up from the brand’s own website, although if you prefer to save money, check out the retailer Tropicana where instead of paying £36 per box, you can currently get it for £19.99.

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