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Zack King Khan launches a Chocolate Orange protein

Chocolate Orange ZKK Labs

Zack King Khan’s brand ZKK Labs has launched another flavor of its protein that just a few months ago got a new limited edition Pumpking Delight option. The release continues ZKK Labs’ theme of unique flavors, with the only other option available for its protein being the original Nutella inspired Nuthellyea.

Joining the ZKK Labs protein competitor this week is the somewhat uncommon two taste recipe, Chocolate Orange. The formula behind the supplement features a variety of protein sources including whey, calcium casein, and egg albumin, along with orange peel extract for a small boost in vitamin C.

The latest from ZKK Labs is now in stock and available for purchase over in the UK through the retailer Supplement Shop. The Chocolate Orange protein is a little cheaper than the brand’s Pumpking Delight at £25 for a full size 1kg (2.2lb) tub.