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Alpha Recovery Plus Review: Not as strong with recovery as hoped

Alpha Recovery Plus Review

Last month Promera Sports launched its greatly hyped recovery supplement, the unique Alpha Recovery Plus. The idea behind the product is that it helps you recover faster so that you can get back and train at 100%. Alpha Recovery Plus features an ingredient called Alpha-GEE which is said to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and lactic acid.

As soon as we found out all there was to know about Alpha Recovery Plus; we knew we had to get it in for review. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting the Promera Sports supplement to the test to see just how much it helps with recovery.

Alpha Recovery Plus Review


When it comes to reviewing recovery supplements, we have a handful of workouts we turn to that almost guarantee we’ll be hurting the next day. It’s a good way to gauge how good a product is with recovery, and we also run through them a number of times to give the supplement plenty of chances to prove itself.

With Alpha Recovery Plus, we liked everything Promera Sports was promoting for the supplement. It all sounded pretty good, in fact, all of the testimonials we’d seen the brand share, made it seem quite impressive. Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly see results as strong as we had hoped while using the product.

The overall recovery on Alpha Recovery Plus kind of feels as good as getting a typical good night’s sleep. Muscle soreness is all still there in the evening and the next morning, although sometimes it does seem a little bit better. That little bit better as mentioned, feels like the result of good sleep, then again on all of the other days the recovery didn’t really feel any different at all.

Alpha Recovery Plus Review

Other supplements

We have used plenty of effective recovery supplements in the past that are extremely impressive when it comes to getting you back to 100%. Muscle Elements’ Amino PM is one of those; another is Ambrosia’s Overtraining Solution, with both being excellent examples of very noticeable recovery improvement.

Promera Sports’ Alpha Recovery Plus just doesn’t recover your body as obviously as we’ve experienced with other recovery products. That being said, we have seen a good amount of positive testimonials, so this may be another case of the supplement working well for different people, or more specifically working for some but no one on our review team.

Alpha Recovery Plus Review


We actually had high hopes for Alpha Recovery Plus, mostly because we enjoy a good recovery product. Being recovered and feeling 100% before heading back into the gym is vital, as it allows you to take on a workout head on, and truly give it your all.

Unfortunately, with Promera Sports’ latest innovation, we didn’t quite see that next level recovery we were hoping for. We felt we noticed a bit of something on some days, although on those days it was rather minimal and not to the extent that we believed the recovery to be anything out of the ordinary.