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Overtraining Solution Review: Recovery supplement like no other

overtraining solution review

When details first surfaced on Ambrosia’s Overtraining Solution at the beginning of the, we were quite excited for the supplement based purely on its name. We knew straight away that the product was going to be a recovery formula of some sort, and knowing Ambrosia it was going to help with recovery in a very different way.

Over the past month we have been testing Overtraining Solution to find out just how good it really is. It’s great that it features two industry first ingredients and all, but if it doesn’t perform in a real world scenario, it’s kind of pointless. After running it for a few weeks, we’ve discovered that the supplement does indeed work, and is quite possibly one of the most unique recovery competitors on the market.

overtraining solution review

Recovery like no other

After taking your post-workout shake infused with Overtraining Solution, or just the product by itself, you won’t notice any immediate effects. It doesn’t make you feel any more recovered or refreshed after your workout, its most impressive effect comes the in day or days following.

The area where Ambrosia’s Overtraining Solution really shines is with its ability to completely rid your body of delayed onset muscle soreness, better known as DOMS. When using the supplement you’ll basically find it almost impossible to get sore, even when pushing yourself through the most intense of training.

No more muscle soreness

We tried all kinds of training methods to help bring on DOMS that worked both before and after we used Overtraining Solution. While using the product however, there was only about 1 in 10 workouts that left us feeling it the next day or two. Even on those days though the soreness was very mild, and tended to fade fairly quickly throughout the day.

overtraining solution review

The obvious benefit of not being sore and a lot more recovered is that you’re able to train closer to 100% sooner, basically speeding up the whole train, repair, and rebuild process. Regardless of what kind of training you do however, faster recovery is a great tool to have on your side.

What it doesn’t do

While Overtraining Solution does rid your body of any or at least most muscle soreness, it doesn’t go as far as some of the other recovery supplements out there. We noticed that despite getting your muscles ready for your next workout, the product won’t make you feel too refreshed or refueled when you wake up with a fully repaired body.

overtraining solution review

Overall opinion

Overall, the Ambrosia recovery supplement is extremely impressive. It doesn’t feature a complete experience like some of our top rated nighttime recovery competitors, but Overtraining Solution is definitely the best at what it does deliver on. It repairs your muscles better than anything else we’ve tried, so well in fact it’ll make you feel like you didn’t train at all.

Cost of better recovery

The only other thing we think is well worth mentioning about Overtraining Solution is its price, as the product is on the expensive side. A full-size tub of the unflavored formula will cost you $50, and with 40 servings per tub you’re looking at about $15 a week if you train five times a week. It does get cheaper when you buy in bulk direct from Ambrosia, although only by about 10%.

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