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Bang Variety Pack becomes a reality featuring 12 randomly selected flavors

bang variety pack

A couple of weeks ago VPX Sports shared a picture of a variety pack of its popular Bang energy drink. At the time it seemed the brand was only playing with the idea of the multi-flavor case, although this week it has become a reality.

Now available from VPX Sports is the Bang Variety Pack featuring a total of 12 different flavors of the BCAA and creatine infused energy drink. As for what the exact flavors are making up the new Bang release, they are, in fact, random.

There are no set 12 flavors in the Bang Variety Pack, they are all randomly selected, however, no case has two the same. If you like the idea of 12 different flavors of Bang you can head on over to now and buy the product where it is the same price as a regular case.