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bodybuilding signature series already made its inhouse brand of supplements, Signature, even more competitive last month when it ran a massive 25% off sale. The online store has now taken things one step further and made it possible to save even more on the mostly basic line of products.

Now available for Signature supplements is a wide variety of automatically discounted stacks. There are smaller sets such as the Signature Pre and Post with Whey Protein, Pre Workout, and Carnitine, as well as much larger stacks like the Signature Muscle Building with seven different products in it.

By the looks of things, all of the Signature stacks get an extra 10% discount regardless of size. For example, the Workout Performance Stack of BCAA, Pre Workout, and Whey Protein would usually cost $72.97 when buying the pieces separately; however, with the stack, the combination is $65.67.

It is also worth mentioning that the Signature brand is included in a promotion is currently running where you get an extra 20% off. That means when buying any of the new Signature stacks, for as long as the sale is running, you’ll save a total of 30% compared to what you’d usually pay.

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