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Not4Pussy brand launches its libido enhancer PussyKilla


BPS Pharma has added an all-new supplement to its lineup this week, with a name that you’ll definitely find entertaining if you like its Not4Pussy line of pre-workouts. The new product is called PussyKilla, an all-natural libido enhancing formula that comes in a compact and convenient ten capsule bottle.

The latest from BPS Pharma promotes a handful of effects including high libido, improved circulation, increased endurance, and reduced blood pressure. As mentioned PussyKilla is a libido enhancing supplement, so we’re guessing its single-capsule serving is meant to be taken before sexual activity like a lot of its competitors.

BPS Pharma’s PussyKilla actually features a massive variety of ingredients — 14 to be exact — all wrapped up in a 770mg non-transparent blend. The lengthy ingredients list includes epimedium (90% icariin), bulbine, mucuna pruriens, damiana, xanthoparmelia scabrosa, tribulus, avena sativa, maca, arginine, ligusticum, fadogia agrestis, Siberian gingseng, tongkat ali, and zinc.

The German supplement company’s all-new product can now be purchased directly from its online store, although it is rather pricey. From the brand’s website, PussyKilla will cost you €39.90 ($48.79 USD) for ten single capsule servings, working out to €3.99 ($4.87 USD) per use.