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First Stack3d Insider email is here and packed full of discounts

Stack3d Insider

The first Stack3d Insider campaign has launched today and as promised it is packed full of great discounts from a number of major supplement companies. If you were one of the many that signed up when we announced the program last week, you should already have the email in your inbox.

A few examples of sales from the first Stack3d Insider include 20% off everything from Redcon1, 25% off Performax Labs, and a strong 35% off Kodiak along with free shipping. As previously confirmed, there is just the one coupon code to remember for all of the Insider deals, with links to each of the brands’ stores included in our email.

If for whatever reason you didn’t sign up for our Stack3d Insider you can do so now and you won’t miss out, as new subscribers are automatically sent the current month’s email. Moving forward the Insider will be going out at the start of each month, so you can expect to see the next one in a couple of weeks’ time.

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