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New pre-workout from Fusion called One Punch arriving next month

Fusion One Punch

It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen any entirely new supplement releases from the team over at Fusion Bodybuilding. We’d have to go all the way back to late 2016 for the launch of its most recent one which was the muscle building formula X-Frame.

Fusion has now unveiled its first new product since X-Frame, introducing the stimulant pre-workout Fusion One Punch. The supplement promises to be a powerful combination of energy and pump with only four transparently dosed ingredients confirmed for it so far.

Fusion One Punch

The four features we know of in the Fusion One Punch formula are half a gram of taurine, 200mg of the stimulant caffeine, and for pumps 375mg of agmatine and 4g of citrulline malate. Those numbers are based on one scoop, so it does sound like it might have a two scoop limit which would then double everything, taking the likes of citrulline malate to 8g.

The last few details we have to share for now are the flavors for Fusion One Punch and roughly when it’s going to launch. The brand has previewed the pre-workout in three different options with Rocket Pop, Sour Green Apple, and Cherry Blaster.

As for when the One Punch pre-workout is due to release, Fusion currently expects to have it out and available in just a few weeks’ time, somewhere in mid-March.