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Generation Iron 3 goes in search of the perfect physique

Generation Iron 3

The Vladar Company has announced that production on another Generation Iron film has officially begun. The very first one was released back in 2013, with the second one arriving four years later, hitting screens late last year.

Generation Iron 3 has now been confirmed and is expected to be available in October of this year. Much like its predecessors, the third documentary will be another inside look at the fitness industry, although still quite different from Generation Iron 1 and 2.

The director of the Generation Iron trilogy Vlad Yudin, describes the original as “the re-introduction of professional bodybuilding to the masses”. The second one was then a focus “on the progression and expansion of the fitness industry”.

The upcoming Generation Iron 3 will be “a journey through the world of bodybuilding in search of the perfect physique”. The film is also set to have a much more international story featuring countries and continents including India, Africa, Brazil, Europe, and Canada.

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