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Upcoming Ghost Pump is a pump pre-workout to watch out for

Ghost Pump

After hearing about it on more than one occasion over the past few months, we’ve finally got some solid information on Ghost’s upcoming pump pre-workout. The supplement simply known as Ghost Pump, is like most stimulant free pre-workouts and is primarily designed to enhance muscle pumps.

The update we have today brings a lot of new information to the table and confirms Ghost Pump is a product to watch out for. The update includes the reveal of all of the main ingredients in the supplement, although we don’t know what any of their doses are just yet.

Ghost Pump relies on a combination of seven ingredients with pure citrulline, norvaline, taurine, arginine nitrate, pine bark, GlycerPump glycerol, and the absorption enhancer AstraGin. As mentioned, we don’t know any of their doses; however, based on the weight of the product’s tub, we know they’re not going to be light.

Each tub of Ghost Pump is pictured to tip the scales at 350g, and with a total of 20 servings that works out to a hefty 17.5g serving size. Most of the regular pre-workouts we see don’t even come close to that weight, so it definitely looks like we got another great Ghost creation on our hands.

We’re not too sure on when Ghost plans on launching Ghost Pump, but we’re hoping for sooner rather than later. The few details we’ve got today confirm it deserves the attention, and we should also mention the pre-workout will be coming in another official Warheads candy flavor with Sour Watermelon.