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Got7’s great tasting, low-calorie Premium Sauce now comes in 7 flavors

Got7 Premium Sauce

At the massive 2017 FIBO Expo in Cologne, Germany, Got7 Nutrition introduced its Premium Sauce Series. The line is a little bit like the brand’s no fat or sugar Classic Sauce, however the Premium Sauces swap a few extra calories for a bit more flavor.

When Got7 Nutrition initially launched its Premium Sauce, it was available in just two tastes with Pineapple Chilli and Curry Ketchup. The German brand has since expanded the product’s menu, recently bumping it up to a total of seven different flavors.

Now available from Got7 Nutrition is a full selection of options for its Premium Sauce. The list of flavors includes the originals Pineapple Chilli and Curry Ketchup, and the new additions Honey Mustard, Black Pepper, Grand Veneur, Gipsy Sauce, and a classic Barbeque Sauce.

All seven of Got7 Nutrition’s low-calorie Premium Sauces are now available through its online store at, which ships to a variety of European countries.